¡Productivity vs. Time!

Lupaap is an on-line and off-line information capture tool that allows you to optimize and control the data collection process, manage field staff and analyze performance through statistics, thus facilitating real-time decision making.

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Digital Forms

Forget to fill out forms at hand, Lupaap puts at your service powerful digital tools to record, store and project information in order to improve the productivity of your computer.

Signing and scanning of ballot

Save time, and make your sales concrete thanks to document scanning and digital signature.

Inventory and sales catalogs

Customize and organize your digital catalogs according to the type of product or service, strengthen your sales force and generate new distribution channels.

GPS Location

Lupaap works for you, and shows you in real time the details of the location and performance of your equipment in the field.

Custom Stats

It generates statistical reports based on practical and effective information, allowing you to plan, analyze and decide your goals.

Management of incentives

Train and encourage your team to effectively and successfully achieve their goals, remember that you can do it remotely.

Inventory management

Manage and manage the movement of your inventory, plan your strategies of distribution and promotion of products.

Digital documents

It streamlines sales processes, labor relations and generates possibilities to open new markets.

Location History

Plan and optimize the distribution routes for your team, make decisions based on actual data on established routes and at various geographical points.

Qoopa SAS is a Colombian company, focused on developing products and mobile solutions.